Inter School Quiz Bowl Criteria

Inter School Quiz Bowl Criteria


Quiz Bowl Rules and Guidelines

1. A school is allowed to send only one team comprising of two bonafide students. The team should have a coach/adviser.
2. The team members must present and wear their school ID during the contest.
3. Coverage of the Quiz

• IT Fundamentals
• Principles of Programming
• Programming Languages
• Data Structures and Algorithms
• Data Communications & Computer Networks
• Database Management Systems
• Systems Analysis and Design
• Management Information Systems
• Computer Security & Ethics

4. Categories, Points and Time Allotted to Answer the Questions

o 15 Easy Questions (1 pt.; 10 seconds)
o 15 Difficult Questions (2 pts.; 15 seconds)

5. All questions are in multiple-choice format. The team will choose the best answer from among the choices given by raising the letter corresponding to their answer.
6. The quizmaster shall read the question twice, and the time starts. The team shall only raise their answers after the allotted time (depending on the category) and after the judge signals and says “Answers up.”
7. The team with the highest points after the two rounds shall be declared CHAMPION;the second highest points, 1st Runner Up and the third highest points, 2nd Runner Up.
8. In case of a tie in the top three, clincher questions shall be given to break the tie.
9. Any dispute on a question must be channeled by the adviser to the judges for resolution before proceeding to the next question.
10. The decision of the board of judges is final and irrevocable.